Dear God How many cards would you like to print, me in power you only need gold coin and Notes to load up to public Tribunal quota, as many workers able to make ship out of Moon America on its own leave 2029 out of bunkers to Sun bounced left right top or bottom or to Portuguese Miracle end

Behold 6th generation Military aircraft east west has all kinds in development that need air to fly in will all be destroyed in 2029 with Sun bounced on Earth

But in the world with racial religious and international tensions all ready for confrontations and wars like are going on all the time. With the populations flooding the world with refugees and foreign plots there has to be World War to eliminate all the others so American people stick together build starship out, the world will be radio active mess to recycle resources to save us all.

U.S. Military could steal my face, change your phone numbers, save the heat and serve racism 1st! Fireworks are patriotic to side with our own verses the others, flooding this country with our enemies. I say the other races and cultures must go. Lady Liberty reduced to only our color and kind of immigrants to the whole world burned to crisp getting rid of leftist vote on all fronts. Citizens restore our liberties trampled upon in a land rush into America. Racism save us far right!

I would have to have a billion dollars to spend on to become U.S. President under the thumb of lawyers and Business interests, wind up like Trump in 4 years gerrymandered. But on the fringe of existence an unknown, my leadership is more valuable in the past. Jump into the other side of gravity, weightless leap you keep going! Place called God, trust IT. Safe place, genii to get where to accomplish something with modern technology. I start out with little things for a war in 13th century. But I could raise Hell in this century if there were enough patriots to do their bidding take out enemy to last criminal and alien Third U.S. government citizen's Tribunal majority Rule!

Elected by Default Vote since 1996, Power by Default, November. Racist Default votes! Or just Write-in The Confederate Party, this server took off the Internet July to November 14 2016 prevented hard to read any of this getting vote U.S. Forces serve the American way. Unite us in militia White American people dictatorship straight as Joseph Stalin massacre racist America win the West pioneer White Supremacy. Eliminate millions of alien win West this side of Russia. White America cleansing of sinister immigration, Mexican and Latin, take all the resources unite white man for everything useful in a economy spirit of industry. The Red Button under Tribunal thumb, U.S. back to White Supremacy. The world mostly enemy people in spite will steal your bike. Back to Heil Hitler and the bunch, aggression facing all the threats. Constitutional democracy for all is insane. Other races all hate us. Only patriots of their kind. While the "windows" of opportunity for attack against United States in fact "closed" I do away with $3,000,000,000 expense on criminals in my ethnic cleansing, purge out all our public enemies, good fertilizer. Kill and feed them to pigs, save American soil of all their ghosts if any. Tear gas out Federal Reserve and their leftist gangs. Authority to concentration camp, public & military tribunal take out rich lawyer and religion profits political wealth eliminate national debt, non-profit conspiracy, take everything. U.S. Armed Forces near trigger of anything that booms Militia recruit take out the system of aliens fighting racism. Power by Default all our armed forces, nationalize everything over the bodies of the resistance. White America hooded and Fascist, all us patriotic vigilantes!

"THE SILENT MAJORITY" knows "the only good Indian is a dead Indian". I am the default vote. "Don't Vote" vote, regularly outnumbering any elected elects me every election since 1996, we massacre the integration. Fall in, shoot on sight in my change of Command Forces. Trump Coup could not do it. Here I represent racist White America, eligible to but don't vote versus Latin leftist colored and woman votes. American children to Police Military a Militia pick out. I save white American People. State racist militia supported by US Armed Force's ethnic purge alien peoples. Spook, rap thief, rape threat. Default racist Military Command rid us of enemy integration. White troops dismiss or destroy or reassign blacks to Africa resettlement. My leadership all about White America our labor wishes. CIA and FBI identify the enemy. Default vote always electing me to take control for patriotic Majority of White Americans, who profit from winning war at home. Third USA with all the tons of gold prepare ourselves at the end of the world end of global warming, in Arizona. Military guns in American public hands a bloody Revolution purge crooked Italian alien colored. Back to gold standard, security cameras off. Here Americans decide laws of the land, what treaties to keep. Citizens volunteer for 2 year job assignments in appropriate industry department where we influence everything in opinion polls. White Armed Forces in-fighting purge out color and gangster army soldiers. Confiscate political system and Federal Reserve! Don't want but need nuclear war. Virus kill off globalization. Bunker in with resources, still time before Sun hit in 2029, so we camp hike fish hunt to end of sunshine, on the weekend. Ship out with our technology, sun bounced on Earth.

India "fixed" our computer software in America, when there was not enough technicians in USA to do it ourselves. They did not mess things-up with our computers, did good work. But they are prejudiced people likewise, with all the others in our daily lives, spy and plot for their own people, that do not belong in America beyond purchasing their services. I still have first strike military capability in a hostile world, to arm White America in 50 State's a Militia to take back America. Plunder and pillage, jet attacks to the rescue. Where enemy keeps control just destroy everything. Like White Man won the West. Getting wheels, I will just ascend to get safe.

Let us make my Orders a Constitution as we nationalize every foreign business alien threat, in America. Security with my sights on aliens enemy profits we take everything or their lives, if they don't escape. Clean up in America, property for our troops and public. Destroy criminals and crime families and all their cousins or left out in nuclear storm. Take war brides and the like, where U.S. Military capability not all a lot of sheep waiting around for Jesus to save us, anytime soon. Time is running out, Jesus riding in on white horse. I have work for Him to do on Judgment Day Battle against forces of evil, free the people from National Debt Default, vanish from my other hills. This place Chumash dismantled. Military Coup, I have other choices.

The future in this century crashing. I will step on crossroads of time feared God, swinging to get in again. 1964 good reasons 1309 to be Scottish Patriot provide, make quad helicopter big TNT bomb blow up castles troop carrier trained carry assault rifle hand grenades for Robert the Bruce!


Damned with baby or whole for *Classified*?


Racist Militia Law can Debt Default government and its 2018 inflation agreement when every American might as well go berserk mass murder bullet to the head while plagued with Chinese virus, children and in shape survive? America's enemies its plots build up, world made for war. Our soldiers benefit for life, turf secured at race war. We racists purge out 100+ million, bomb shoot or they get away alive, leaving American homeland secure. U.S. States and Territories Federal Reserve confiscated in purge. Search out its depositors and reserves. Tribunal Mint all in our Bank. Tribunal divide up work forces. Public credit with industry, the gold and silver divided. Police round up bank resources Military divide up property the booty. Forget National Debt. Third Government isolated from the world rid of ethnic enemy take all, develop Industry.

Breaches happen to security anytime anywhere Americans trust ethnic enemy. Play rap? Shoot them! Alien subversive races, black, leftist Latin threats. Rockets and then road blocks Militia kill resistance refugees Mexico to Columbia. America us against them world. My lead to the end vanish for my health to earlier century safe from end of the world in 6 years. Swollen star.

The rich could overdose on heroin, like Jerry Garcia with a smile on. You could be one of the gods, if you were one. Greece had them in the sky. Round souls, looking down on world wherever they choose. Most have gone higher by now, up up and away to their layer of Area 4 in the Black Box, Greek gods and all. Round until Transformed Jerry, spot of cloud with rainbow through it until 1999 occasions 1998 a skeleton shred by wind, cloud laughing turned looking at me on a chopper in the sky south of Interstate 8 like going to San Diego. Gods can't say much. Only dead Sicilian buddy, over middle of the road shout "are you short of breath?" Gangster voice, end of steep grade, Covid-19 warning best interest transformed like angels, tried to get me to kiss to kill. Out of the floor Jake's voice shout, dead on heroin, I heard yell "Yea!" out of his floor to my writing deport Jews to promise land, in ethnic purge. Jew's will get a smashed Promised Land under a red dwarf star death clinging to their wealth & IQ's arguing.

Command of U.S. Armed Forces I restore America as The Third Party bomb D.C. Obama media government, blacks. Majority Rule, Coup d' Revolution ground, air support. White Supremacy bloody task killing to represent Racist America. Gas out gun down Court, to be my Tribunal seat. Prepare for end of global warming. Feel it coming on in Arizona June 2023, Ice Age 2024.

Situations in the world are sensitive, like death and global warming storm end of life on Earth. Ethnic cleansing concentration camp racist Tribunal. Under my Power by Default Tribunal Rule America takes back all the turf everything U.S. guns and armored suits my Tribunal leadership China to Armageddon nuclear winter. Putin & China know exactly when it starts, Middle East, North Korea? Humanity has proven itself perpetually a destructive animal, in need of a good government! 1954, to 1309 & big in 1760 Richmond leadership democracy. Leaving the future go through asteroids top to bottom of Milky Way Galaxy a 1000 years instead runs into a star should make classic book in Celtic or the South, making M16 rifles, all day hike get to it video.

Now with all this done a ending statement to U.S. Military on this site, the pool is where they found me. Little jet going high overhead. I did another lap, when a fighter flew over low and right behind it treetop fly over nodded his right wing a "2nd" it? My racism has to have order of engagement under my hat, with order of restoration over whole scope of turf successfully reoccupied America hire train whites, air power play into it all. A Marine agreed on my tactics in a first engagement. Marine cited General that thinks the same way, told me not to say or write it. As Leader I just coordinate forces! I am better off crossing natural forces so taken up by matter change show future in the past, Planet X media says is 600 times bigger than Earth passed 21 million miles away from Sun shows planets don't orbit Sun. Except Mercury "X" Hit.



Lee Harrison, One person replied.

My alternative to all the rednecks doing the best they can by voting for the better of two evils is military turn racist right in Militia search and destroy riot representing racist White America the way we want. U.S. Military Coup for Third U.S. Government. Default Vote keeps electing me into power to represent racist Majority, one of their kind. U.S. Armed Forces save the day with racist Militia. Canners can immigration casualty American Revolution loud speaker. Sun run into by red dwarf star 2029, impact. Middle East religious war retaliation on all fronts hating Americans through leftist politic's lawyers, open borders. Coup d' 'et at, Revolution! Bomb Mexico and Canada, enemy illegal, threat. WWIII or they take back all their illegal's we run out.

Not a coincidence Planet X coming in in 2006 that a ship shows up at Mercury, big enough to support millions of people, hid behind a force field. Children of the Sun. After Mayan calendar end in 2012 a Nostradamus 500 year old prediction that 2 asteroids strafe Europe on December 21 only came close enough to Europe as Russia. The other blew-up next night over Florida east coast 2 asteroids in a crisscrossing pattern, asteroids coming in from different directions. Faith build our future underground, reinforced for earthquake, storms and military threat at Mercury. Exposed UFO slipped away to another position pointed at Earth. In the past I warn Americans to Hobbit in cities underground, jobs for their children's children, rid of corporate hierarchies ruling them, great for ecology! Rednecks grab M16 military orders police back up. Soldier's loud speaker, booty trucks arrive tow enemy vehicles. All of us an equal share workers, have to know someone is hiding out around Sun got news from Internet they were photographed had power to ship out somewhere else around the Sun. Hiding pointed at the Earth stalking their prized object.


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