I Am Your Only Way Out of Political Rule
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We, the American people can only survive by Military support. Take out the system. But lately social services are so good or metal back cash dictator. So Inflation can't win on Wall Street with business publicly owned. Soldier struggling to pay $100 gas to get to base and back free without 100's million's of alien, enemies. Murder rampage okay Timothy McVeigh. I would stay in the truck. Jobs mostly filled by illegal's and women, like replaced men so
Post Office workers go berserk shoot women, our enemy given White male jobs. Laws Supreme Court "equal opportunity" restrain spiteful resentful anti American workers. Suicide now assault, jet fly over's, militia take out liberal lawyer and politician, replacing White male America with alien and feminist workers, what Mafia leftist authority wants that causes so many Americans go off like on parade crowd at any aliens scope the communism infiltrated. Supreme Court choices for labor forces, fuck Constitution. Unemployed for liberal's equality eliminate in my Power by Default. Military guide militia get it over. Business inflating cost of living exterminate ethnic enemy crime conspiracy, take all the profits hang Alien Rights arm millions of racist militia, Police and Pentagon support gas D.C., Coup! Booty trillions of dollars redistribute, wage house etcetera. We will have all of the metals. To work for.

Suspend Constitution. "The People", their soldiers going to die under the thumb of China, working with the rich for astounding profits, robots the boss automation. Are everyone's enemy, flooding America borders. Don't bother protesting in China, or elsewhere, makes life a suicide mission, for citizens to get back loot and shoot riot missions of destruction 2023 middle class evicted death if Military power does not turn on establishment take all. U.S. Armed Forces destroy powers that be roadblock. Right takeover Business/government, my plan a genuine democracy. Bloody Revolution racist nationwide militia military arm redneck kill feed enemy to the hogs, cannery canning it.

Clinton political donations from China financed Bill Clinton to get elected. A traitor giving China our best computers to build a military arsenal better than the U.S. has, helped China get rich and powerful, with weapons to fracture America. Used our advanced computers. Racism lawyer banned, hang! Leaves Americans go off assault business, government, over spiteful things authority says against White America. Trump elected racism lawyers banned. Genocide! Feed D.C. to sharks, lawyers politicians and media. Dictatorship repeal alien ethnic and woman rights, while I represent racism a dictatorship. Right tear gas out Left to gun down with military on call, fight the system, "take back America" discrimination. Coin the profits off political correctness change of command us against them. Alien people and women right's refugees! Take out anyone White male America does not want here. Enemy races in power "The system" elects. Racist Tribunal eliminate alien colored leftist them all. Racist America Militia shoot and bomb round up color alien send in jets backup. I am White Man's only chance to get revenge in Power by Default, Third Government, run by majority rule, chart opinions dictator. Racist American opinion decide everything the way White Man wants it, I represent the silent majority lead American forces, spoils of victory military takeover everything Tribunal polls employ fit compatible workers into their own work hub communities. Manufacture everything in mountains above, Earth collapses. Flood, bubble pops. Longest red moon last warning 2018 foretell of glaciers covering continents. Thor before red star hitting Sun. Distracted by media, business advertising trash, and political schemes 2018 inflation Anti-American Corporation world order. Tribulation get out alive! 21st century data on me. Help take back a Island with technology. Ascend possible by accident, learned, or its suicide mission all clips loaded.

Scrap the system Militia riot women rich politics color authority tribulation.

If you want to rape and pillage "the new world order", for all of its worth, I am White America's solution void women voting rights. U.S. Constitution reset male Chauvinist rule. Exterminate politic's court, lawyers women's rights racial equality, back discrimination. Nationalize wealth of economic "system" leftist advertising scam legislate support an alien rights. Militia divide up alien illegal property, spoils of victory, satisfied citizen. Save our skins and country with Racist Military Solution I am America's only chance to get it done right! Premier want to get free and ascend, leave dreaming body, go do miracle dictatorship achieve majority rule racism armed riot raise colors at race track.

Here most of the problem with conflicting diversity in America is a Catholic Christian dogma, full of aliens. Finally the Christian Tribulation happens to them mob and all Day of Doom, currency switch panic ascend or 3rd USA.

Announced in between local baseball game action an announcer said 4 dead police at demonstration in Dallas shooting. Military services put me in power race war. Police brutality excused. Criminals enemy talking trash insulting police officers we shoot the leftists. Military back-up Police with deadly force rules this Search and Destroy. Whites against color and women rights dictatorship. Feed to the dogs go gangbusters, sweeps!

Authority only with bunkers. Aberration escape I joked. Other Side safe or die ignorant left Joe Biden save us scholar talking trash for cash loud as he can gas out shoot down. Women run away from males, think they need to get away. Don't vote for any of them. End voting Military Coup write in The Confederate Party, if you could to 2020, we could have Majority Rule any day now, ethnic cleansing. We just have to delete woman's rights. Military Coup band wagons of guns for patriots, collect a nationwide community Militia gas out gun down our enemies, take property. Recycle criminal enemy and ethnic-enemy, or they get out on all available means. Ration out houses and property, for being a patriot.

The soldiers with battle field experience pool, systemize leadership to be taken, Tribunal, every territory the same round up and put over borders the aliens or recycle them in hogs. While expand all specialized industry, nationalizing to manufacture such Interchangeable capabilities to make everything in demand as needed in the war effort and on home front. State Local and National Tribunal, fiber optic communication keeping the people private.

Meanwhile I have to struggle to get the money to get to where to make contact, to vanish.

What I said here vanished, but luckily I have the original: Marx was level headed protest writing that in Russia China and so on dictatorship reduced to private gangland objective. U.S. did right taking Iraq forgot, now have to take out Islam having invaded Middle East, spill the secrets get a security clearance, for such a war, so I have strategy, armed Militia.

But the little asteroid came by March 25 only artist animation, bounced off big 1, coming 60 percent the size of the Sun this Easter Sunday or Monday can't be far rise up behind it. Like bowling ball gone through pins there will be a period of asteroids whipping by now! News would rather going through Milky Way Galaxy asteroid belt, to 2029 Sun bounced, takes out inner 3 planets few months to see it coming, for red Full Moon until it hits Sun.

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Sold in a Chinese Black Market, here is what caused Corona-19. Chinese eat it. It is a Chinese racoon plus they eat other creatures not sold in our markets. Choice of wrong food is the reason for Asian flue and viruses spread to West, unless we segregate Asians and other races, or War, get them out of the West. Jewish Latin enemy community invasive business society finance, eat kosher.

The dead body of star asteroid passing, that Big Dipper stars and Sun, pop up two media prediction flood condition not saying parent star in orbit swing by.

At the End of the world just go animal, take territory and property before end, 6 years to impact star running into Sun my truth deleated by server feed hogs. America arm revolution if you please. Can be a wave so much racist America end of planet in 2029, certain Sun bounced at Earth 1917 preview in Portugal.

Everyone left standing dies in the holocaust billions of humanity fall into sun.


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